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Depa Diaphragm Pumps

Depa diaphragm pumps are our main brand.

DEPA have manufactured high quality, robust diaphragm pumps for over 30 years. A full range of metal, plastic, food grade and pharmaceutical (CIP/SIP) pumps are available.

Depa diaphragm pumps are an excellent workhorse for the industrial environment, thanks to wide chocie of materials most products can be pumped.

Much of the range is ATEX approved, this allows the pumps to be used in hazardous areas such as petrochemical applications and in particular on printing presses.

For high end pharmaceutical / petrochemical application we have fully machined PTFE pump.

For ease of maintenance DEPA pumps have a single piece air valve, a great benefit comapared to rival brands, DEPA pumps are clamp banded for easy stripdown on the pumps.

More specialist parts of the pump range include high pressure pumps, powder pumps, drum pumps and dual action pumps.

A full range of accessories is available for the pumps.

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DEPA Series M Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps were developed for the smooth transfer of abrasive, solids-containing and viscous media. The direct pneumatic drive means that there is no need for electric driven motors, base plates and couplings.

The compact and efficient designs are easy to transport, and are therefore flexible enough to use on construction sites, mining applications as well as in stationary operation in different industries.

Bodies made of cast aluminium AL 233, ductile iron GGG 40, cast stainless steel 316L and Hastelloy C are available so that the pumps can be individually adapted to transfer tasks. The elastomer materials for diaphragms, valve seats and valve balls have to be selected from the compatibility list.

Size range: DN15-DN80 (0.5″-3″)

Applications: Chemicals, Mining, Water and Waste Water, Paints and Colours, Auto, Shipping, Ceramic, Machinery Equipment etc.

In some applications usable metals will not stand up to the corrosive nature of particular discharge media. Therefore we have developed the Series P, using individual body parts made from plastic.

Our manufacturing process ensures maximum stability of the pump body, even under extreme operating conditions and in aggressive environments. Unlike cast metal pumps, Series P pumps do not require pressure restriction.

Various materials for body, diaphragms, valve seats and valve balls are available so that the pumps can be individually adapted. All connecting flanges are in accordance with DIN, ANSI und JIS.

Size range: DN15-DN80 (0.5″-3″)

Applications: Chemicals, Water and Waste Water, Paints and Colours

DEPA Series L (Food) pumps are constructed of extra-bright polished stainless steel. They have been developed for applications in the food and beverage industries where stainless steel pumps have been an indispensable standard for process and transfer duties for many years.

This versatile range meets the high demands placed upon it, with respect to housing materials (stainless steel 304 or 316L), surface quality (up to 0.5um available) and elastomer materials (FDA approved).

Due to the large ball-valve clearances these pumps can handle media containing sensitive solids, such as pieces of fruit, meat or vegetable, without damage. Solid size is dependant on the pump size.

Size range: DN15-DN80 (0.5″-3″)

Applications: Food and Beverage

S/S Series L (Aseptic)

DEPA Series L Type DH / DL DEPA Pumps are suitable for chemical cleaning in place (CIP) or steam sterilisation in place (SIP), particularly within biopharmaceutical applications. They are designed for the transfer of abrasive, viscous or shear sensitive media, including products with entrained solids.

These pumps require minimal maintenance, and feature a corrosion resistant construction with all metallic product-wetted parts in 316 stainless steel (or 304). Other features include maintenance-free control valves, a stainless steel base with integral anti-vibration mounts, mufflers and air-intake filters for sizes 25 to 50.

Size range: DN15-DN80 (0.5″-3″)

Applications: Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics


Our latest generation of high pressure pumps meet the most demanding of industry requirements and can pump against pressures of up to 21 bar, as well as maintaining high pumping capacities in the low pressure range (up to 7 bar). These are available in three sizes in stainless steel and are fitted with safety valves for ultimate pressure control.

Example industries; ceramic, automobile, waste water, chemical, and environmental technology.

Range; Type DB

DB range available in DB25, 40 and 50

This range ensures the gentle pumping of powders in special industrial applications and transfers ‘easy to fluidise’ powders economically and almost dust-free. Powder pumps are often used for rapid unloading of reusable containers and vehicles where mobility and transfer times are essential costs factors.

Example industries; plastic manufacturing, chemistry, pharmaceutical, brewing, and food production.

Range; Type DP

DP range available in DP50 & 80 in aluminium, cast iron and polished stainless steel (304)

DEPA air operated diaphragm pumps type DZ are mainly used in the textile and paper processing industry.

These dual action pumps are able to transfer two different media independently and simultaneously.

Due to separate connections on the suction and discharge ports the two pumped media are isolated from each other and therefore will not mix.

A typical application in the printing and paint industry is the simultaneous supply of different viscous media to the production line. Amongst the benefits achieved are economy and environmental protection.

All these pumps can be combined with DEPA accessories

DEPA air operated diaphragm pumps type DF for the emptying of drums and containers provide an economical and wear resistant alternative to other pumping systems.

In order to handle a wide range of fluids the type DF 25 pumps, are available in three different fluid housing material options i.e. aluminium, stainless steel and polypropylene.

The drum pump can be quickly mounted on the drum to be emptied. The required drum adapter is supplied with the pump.

Drums can be completely emptied by using the supplied suction pipe. All DEPA pumps are resistant against dry running and infinitely adjustable within their performance envelope.

Many drum pumps can be combined with DEPA special accessories and are used by the industry as dosing or filling stations.

DEPA Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps can be fitted with a variety of accessories for most applications, even in the field of automation.

The range of accessories comprises coupling systems, suction and discharge hoses, air service units and various suction strainers and suction pipes. The active and passive pulsation dampeners are available in the same variety of material combinations as the pumps.

The pumps can be equipped with mechanical and electronic switching equipment, sensors, slow-start valve and dosing controls for monitoring purposes, and open-loop and closed-loop control.