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Calpeda Pumps

Calpeda has been manufacturing pumps for over 50 years and has a turnover in excess of £150 million pounds.

Boasting a wide range of pump types, the pumps are of excellent build quality to a high industrial standard. Although the range is vast it can be broken down into end suction and inline centrifugal pumps, horizontal and vertical multistage pumps, self priming pumps, submersible pumps, borehole pumps and booster sets/building service pumps.

Booster Sets

We will select the booster set and tanks for either from your specification or from the details of the installation/building specification. We can offer fixed speed or variable speed pumping systems.

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Fixed Speed Booster Sets

Standard production of one, two and three pump systems is available with Calpedas' own brand control panels operated via pressure switches.

The pumps can be set to function in duty, stand-by or assist mode. The sets are available with 20 or 24 ltr vessels fitted to the discharge manifold (2 vessels on twin pump sets, 3 vessels on three pump sets), and run-on timers are fitted as standard. Where larger vessel capacities are required, the sets can be supplied without vessels fitted, along with free standing steel vessels for installation alongside the pump set or on an integral mild steel base. We recommend that where a large variation in demand exists, larger free standing vessels are used. As a guide the vessel should be sized by multiplying the nominal flow rate in ltr/min by a factor of two (2), giving the minimum vessel capacity in litres. For more accurate vessel sizing please contact our technical sales office.

In addition to the standard production units shown in this leaflet, we can build fixed speed booster sets with any combination and/or number of pumps with or without jockey pumps to most specifications.

Variable Speed Booster Sets

Our standard range of two and three pump sets feature inverter controls from our Energy Technology listed QT series range. Each pump has its own dedicated Hitachi inverter, panel mounted so as to avoid damaging motor vibration, and feature their own independent cooling arrangement. The sets provide economical operation and near constant pressure control with multi-programmable text display features. As well as our standard range of variable speed sets we can combine many of our pump ranges with QT control systems with up to four(4) pumps We are also able to retrofit our variable speed panels onto existing fixed speed systems.

Horizontal and Vertical Multi-stage pumps

The stainless MX range are available as vertical and horizontal pumps, the cast iron MGP pump is only available horizontally. The entire range are fitted with mechanical seals and available as single or three phase.The MXP and MXH are stainless steel bodied horizontal pump with plastic and stainless steel impellers respectively. The MXV range is the vertical multistage pump available in 304 StSt and 316 StSt

MXV - Vertical Multistage pumps

Vertical multi-stage pumps with suction and delivery connections of the same diameter and arranged along the same axis (in-line).
Corrosion-resistant bearing sleeves lubricated by the pumped liquid.
A pump with thrust bearing and sleeve coupling for use of any standard motor with V1 construction.

For water supply systems.
For clean non-explosive liquids, without solid, filamentary or abrasive matter
(with adaptation of sealing materials on request).
A universal pump for civil and industrial use, for pressure-boosting systems, high-pressure washing plants, irrigation, agricultural uses and sport installations.

Operating conditions:
Temperature of liquid: from -15 °C to +110 °C.
Operating environment temperature: up to 40 °C.
Maximum permissible pressure in pump casing: 25 bar.

Standard-type: IM V1 (IEC 60034-7) construction, insulation class F (IEC 60085),
degree of protection IP 55 (IEC 60529);
three-phase with rated voltage:
up to 3 kW 230/400 V (IEC 60038);
from 4 kW 400/690 V (IEC 60038).

Rated speed of rotation (50 Hz):
MXV = 2900 rpm
MXV4 = 1450 rpm.

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MXH - Horizontal Multistage pumps

Horizontal multi-stage close coupled pumps in chrome nickel stainless steel.
Compact and robust construction, without protruding flange and with single-piece lantern bracket and base.
Single-piece barrel casing, with front suction port above
pumps axis and radial delivery at top.
Filling and draining plugs on the middle of the pump, accessible from any side (like the terminal box).

For water supply.
For clean liquids, without abrasives, which are non-aggressive for stainless steel
(with suitable seal materials, on request).
Universal pump, for domestic use, for civil and industrial applications, for garden use and irrigation.

Operating conditions:
Liquid temperature from - 15 °C to + 110 °C.
Ambient temperature up to 40 °C.
Maximum permissible pressure in the pump casing:
10 bar.

2-pole induction motor, 50 Hz (n = 2900 rpm).
MXH: three-phase 230/400 V ± 10%.
MXHM: single-phase 230 V ± 10%, with thermal protector.
Capacitor inside the terminal box.
Insulation class F.
Protection IP 54.
Constructed in accordance with:
IEC 60034; IEC 60038; IEC 600335-1, EN 60335-1;
IEC 60335-2-41,EN 60335-2-41; EN 60529.

Special features on request:
- Other voltages.
- Frequency 60 Hz (as per 60 Hz data sheet).
- Protection IP 55.
- Special mechanical seal
- Pump casing seal rings in FPM.
- Higher liquid or ambient temperatures

Submersible Pumps

Calpeda manufacture a wide, well made range of submersible pumps. We can offer vortex impeller pumps, channel impeller pumps, grinder pumps.

The pumps are available in cast iron, all bronze and all stainless steel making them suitable for many applications ranging from sewage to seawater, bilge pumps to drainwater pumps.

End Suction and Inline Pumps

The NM range are all close coupled end suction pumps. The can have screwed or flanged connections, all have a mechanical seal, single or three phase motors and perhaps of most interest are available as all cast iron construction or all BRONZE construction.

The N range are long coupled end suction pumps, is only available flanged but has all the other features above plus a gland packed version pump.

The NR range are vertical inline pumps. They are all flanged, all have mechanical seal, either single or three phase and all cast iron construction.