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3P Prinz


Company Profile
The company is highly specialized in engineering products and innovative technology, serving the demands of customers worldwide. Thanks to its products range, the company is now able to provide complete pumps manufactured on customer’s specification for the transport of liquids in key industrial

3P Prinz is the owner of the following Brands:
Pompe 3P®
Hollow rotary disk, Rotary vane and Gear Pumps
Screw pumps

Our History since 1952
Tracing its history to early 1952, in Lucca Tuscany we can find its first application about hollow disk design with Pompe 3P.
Today 3P Prinz® with its own brands Pompe 3P® and Pera-Prinz® has more that 16000 pumps installed.
The company is highly specialized, engineering products and innovative technology, serving the demands of customers worldwide. 3P Prinz is the owner of the following Brands:
Pompe 3P® - Hollow rotary disk, Rotary Vane and Gear pumps
Pera-Prinz® - Screw pumps

3P Prinz believes that to buy a pump is a long term investment and not “One-off transaction’’

More than 50 years of reliability
Our team is made up of skilled technicians who have the right expertise, combined with years of experience. This ensures that our clients are dealt in the best way possible.

With its own brands 3PPrinz is placed, as a very important company, in national and international market
regarding the production of positive displacement pumps.

The kinds of engineered and assembled pumps vary between hollow-oscillating disk pumps, screw pumps, gear pumps and other specially designed ones.

All of our employers, at any level, are fully experienced along 50 years history. Our company works constantly to reach maximum customer satisfaction.

Within our customer base there are some of the most important international companies. Italian, european, asian and african industries working in refinery, petrochemical, olive oil production, as well as chemical, pharmaceutical, marine & shipbuilding and environmental.

Our production
3P Prinz uses very advanced research, analysis, design and production, as well as control system, employing materials of outstanding quality. The whole mechanical and assembling cycles and the pump-testing procedures are accomplished in site.

Our employees have gained, in the course of their cooperation with major businesses, full flexibility and outstanding professional skills, which are available to the customer’s needs at any moment.

The research department within the company operates in order to use the best materials and the most advanced and latest generation technology. The company is able to supply products to specific needs and demands of customers.

Quality assurance and Production
For each produced pump, a certificate of compliance with european Union Standards is released, along with a user and- maintenance manual. Upon customer’s request, a certificate of internal testing can be released.

Genuine spare parts
The control, after sales service, and supply of original spare parts are at the basis of 3P Prinz approach with its customers.

“We make pumps that work the way you wish they would”

They are proven and well established pumps in the market. Both design are modular with high degree of interchangeability of parts between the pumps and their variants, inside the same products family.

Industry served
Thanks to 3P Prinz range of products, today the company can supply specific and taylor made pumps for fluids for the most important industries.

Oil & Gas
1952 - Today
Oil & Gas industry has a large request of pumps, and this is for 3P Prinz one of the main market. Reliability, efficiency and performance are the base in this industry. In many case the offshore platform are located in remote area, normally they work heavy duty, in very hard conditions 3P Prinz design and manufactures the pumps fully in accordance with the customer specification. During the project stage, the company takes care not only of the fluid, but also of the climate conditions, of the ambient temperature etc. All the components that are used on the pumps and auxiliary accessories are compatible with the local regulations, ambient temperature and location . 3P Prinz can offer much more economical solutions when the high grad Alloys are required to avoid the corrosion. The pumps are available in all kind of materials, from cast iron/carbon steel to high grade alloys, like titanium, hastelloy, duplex stainless steel. 3P Prinz on request can supply pumps fully in accordance with API specifications.

Fields of application
Pulp & Paper 1952 - Today
Due to the process for pulp production, several liquid chemicals are used, there is a very high grade of corrosion and erosion inside this process. 3P Prinz can supply the right pump, built in the right material in order to have longest live with the minimum maintenance cost.

Marine & Shipbuilding 1952- Today
Pumps play a major part in marine vessel operations. A variety of liquids, air, vacuum pumps are used on board ships for different operations, but all share one thing in common – they are very long-lasting! The ocean water can be very salty and they can cause corrosion of metal. In this case the pumps are manufactured in special material /alloy in order to be very durable not only for the fluid but also for the surrounding environment.

Food, Beverage & Pharma 1952- Today
3P Prinz portfolio has many references in food. beverage and pharma. 3P Prinz offers a range of products for processing, from full viscosity range as well clear, creamy, fruit preparation and particular food, sauces oils etc...